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auto-follow camera

Are you yearning for high-quality captivating videos for your horse lessons, horse competitions, horse blog, or to boost your horse sales? Worry not. The Pixem and Pixio auto-follow cameras need to add some sense when it comes to moving targets. These cameras give superior outcomes for both indoors and outdoors captures with an excellent coverage range. They are fully automated zoom and unrivaled accuracy.

auto-follow camera

Key features

  • The only robots that can perform indoor-outdoor work with impressive tracking capability
  • They are relatively light and easy to use models
  • Cover a range of up to100metres
  • Excellent compatibility with third-party cameras, smartphone and tablet, even 4k models
  • Automatic tracking and zoom technology
  • Enables editing using different software
  • Unrivaled technology

Pixem and Pixio cameras are made for great sports experiences, e.g. ice skating, athletics, horse racing, etc. It is super cool in entertainment, public speaking, and so much more!

All cameras come with a money-back guarantee with a two years warranty. Upon purchase, shipment begins immediately, and a full support team has been assembled just in case you are stuck. This is a fantastic opportunity brought to help you realize great experiences.

2. SOLOSHOT3 + OpticX Camera Robotic Follow Me Camera


The SOLOSHOT3 Camera is an exceptional stationary robotic filming system that allows you to capture videos and photos of the action up to 2,000-ft. Away. No cameraperson is required as it’s able to take charge and deliver high-quality outcomes. This Camera is not only unique but also technologically sound. It comes with waterproof, shock resistance, and a lightweight tag. Its base auto pans tilt and zoom to track the tag up to 2000-ft away, an incredible feature. It can enable you to capture actions in up to 4K30, 1080p120 video with its 65X optical zoom.


The key features that define this robotic Camera include;

  • Up to 65X optical zoom, 4K30 / 1080p120 video, 12MP Photos for the SOLOSHO+OPTIC65 CAM
  • UP TO 25x optical zoom,1080p60 for the SOLOSHOT3+Optic 25 Cam
  • Auto pan, tilt & Camera zoom
  • 4-hour battery life (up to)
  • Live streaming
  • Intuitive touchscreen control on the Base
  • Remotely control record & tracking waterproof transmitter Tag
  • Coverage range of up to 2000.”
  • Wi-Fi enabled

This product is compact and lightweight, weighing 3 pounds. It can easily fit in your camera porch and carry along to long distances. It comes with excellent, effective, still resolution of 12MP and a secure digital card.

3. Smart Portable Selfie Stick

Smart Portable Selfie Stick

Beautiful moments call for epic selfie captions. With most people being well-practiced in the art of taking photos of themselves and those of friends in the digital age, this smartphone selfie stick is a special gift for selfie lovers. It has been designed to detail with mind-blowing features to ensure that taking a selfie is enjoyable and straightforward, making every moment count.

Smart Portable Selfie Stick

Key features

  • It can perform a 360 degrees automatic rotation to track and shoot real-time objects
  • Automatic face object tracking intelligent shooting technology making is easy to use even for young adults
  • Easy to operate and assemble
  • Automatic face touch-up
  • Pays close attention to details with its adjustable landscape and portrait mode.
  • Tripod compatible to both IOS and Android smartphones
  • Automatic tracking and zoom technology

This device presents the best features that bring a whole new experience in capturing those beautiful moments. It is cost-effective and value for money.


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